Pastor Profile

Profile Description

The Pastor Search Committee of Central Church (Central) sought the input of our church family to aid us in the search for our next senior pastor. With varied expectations and a wide array of opinions, a clear direction emerged as to the preferable character, experience, and training of God’s man for our church.

Central is searching for a pastor who is

  • Committed to the inerrancy and authority of the Bible.
  • Agrees with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 and will lead our church on the strong foundations of biblical authority.
  • Being transformed by God’s Word himself, as he leads our congregation to be transformed by God’s Word as well.
  • A text, and context-driven, expositor of the Bible.
  • Connects with the congregation.
  • Approachable and skilled in relationship building.
  • A servant leader who others can follow and support.

He Will: 

  • Lead our staff with a team-based approach while stewarding well the authority of the office of senior pastor.
  • Advance the disciple-making vision of the church in partnership with the pastors, lay leaders, and church body.
  • Champion the mission, vision, and core values of the church.
  • Maintain healthy unity while leading the church through change.
  • Supervise, empower, encourage, and develop pastors and staff.
  • Create opportunities to motivate and train members, ministry leaders, and staff to identify and develop their spiritual gifts.
  • Model faithful leadership in the home and allow that to overflow into his leadership at church.

Education and Experience include:

  • A Masters in Divinity degree.
  • Five or more years of pastor-level leadership experience, preferably in a church of over 500 in weekly attendance.
  • Has proven preaching and communication skills.

Personal Criteria include:

  • Male and Married – He must be in his first marriage unless he’s a widower.
  • Family Oriented – Able to manage his home in the discipline and admonition of the Lord.
  • He is a leader who shows unique love for his flock and is therefore grieved when they suffer.
  • He has people skills and relational strengths.
  • He is a man of faith who is experiencing ongoing renewal and growth.
  • He is morally and ethically conservative, willing to be separate from the world and worldliness.
  • He is honorable with a good reputation among other pastors and leaders.
  • He has moral and sexual purity.
  • He is doctrinally sound and faithful.
  • He has an authentic prayer life, able to see answers to his petitions and intercessions.
  • He is hospitable.
  • He is sure of his call as “commissioned by God” to ministry.


  • He must be able to work with others within the body and the community.
  • He has an open heart for all people, regardless of age, race, gender, or spiritual condition.

Financially Sound:

  • He is financially generous in giving, going above the tithe to give generously out of grace.
  • He is not motivated by material things and salary.
  • He is financially responsible.