Wednesday Night Central Groups

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Our Wednesday night groups will resume on Wednesday, August 17th at 6:15 PM.

Women's Bible Study | Laura Dameron | Room 256

Join women of all ages to study 1st Corinthians and focus on the call to sacrifice instead of living for oneself. In this 12-week video series, Jennie Allen will walk into the messy lives of the Corinthians and take you through Paul’s words to the conflicted church. You will see how the truth of the gospel and the Spirit of God can empower us to choose to follow Jesus every day of our lives!

Changes That Heal | Mark & Jennifer Thomas | Room 148

Christians are suffering from a whole range of emotional problems: anxiety, loneliness, grief over broken relationships, resentment, and feelings of inadequacy.

Often they have been struggling with those problems for years. In this updated video study of Dr. Cloud’s classic book, Changes That Heal, Dr. Cloud teaches that there are biblical solutions for your struggles with depression, anxiety, panic, addictions, and guilt, and that these solutions lie in your understanding certain basic developmental tasks. These tasks involve growing up into the ‘likeness’ of the one who created you. Dr. Cloud goes on to say that because we live in a fallen world, we all have deficits in all four areas. Transforming the effects of the fall and growing in the image of God is not an easy task. But God has promised that the ‘good work’ he began in us, He will carry ‘on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus’ (Phil. 1:6).


Young Married and Families | Casey & Rochelle Sherman | Room 258

Young married couples have unique needs as they navigate marriage and parenting. The good news is that we are not alone. Join other couples at similar stages in life to dig into God’s Word and navigate life together.

Connect With God, The Church, Your Purpose | Brent Dameron & Paul Oppedisano | Room 225

This will be a men's discipleship group. In Rooted, we will discuss and participate in 7 Rhythms of a Disciple found in the first church. Those 7 Rhythms of Rooted that we will be discussing and practicing during our time together are grounded in Acts 2, and include: Daily Devotion, Prayer, Repentance, Serving the Community, Sacrificial Generosity, Sharing Your Story, and Worship. By committing to practicing these rhythms in community, you will begin to see the type of growth and life change that goes beyond the individual to impact the whole church.

In a world marked by constant change where we are surrounded by chaos and confusion, and our attention pulled in every which way, God’s Word clearly lays the foundation for transformational Christian living. With our eyes set on Him (Hebrews 12:2) and our roots in the Truth of God’s Word (Colossians 3:16), we can be sure God will produce the kind of life-change that will echo through His Kingdom for generations to come. This group will be limited to a total of 10 men, there will be daily devotionals that the men will need to participate in as well as at least one opportunity to serve the community together.

Financial Peace University | Kristy Woolsey | Room 181

Are you ready to change your family tree when it comes to finances? Through this study, Dave Ramsey will guide you through simple yet powerful principles which will help you get out of debt and manage your finances God’s way. Learn how to budget, pay off debt, invest, and more. The time to plan for your future, build a legacy, and dump debt is right now!


Growing Together | Josh and Lisa Ramos | Choir Room & Via Zoom

Do you want to grow in your walk with Jesus? Are you looking for a community or a place to get plugged in? If so, this is the group for you! Come join a group of people growing together in their walk with Jesus. This group is offered in-person and via Zoom. Meeting ID: 839 1891 1565


How to Make Disciples | Jan Schake | Room 110

Come learn to make disciples! By the end of this 13-week class, you will have the tools to lead someone to Jesus and set them on the Solid Rock. Not only will you learn how to make disciples, but you will also learn how to help the friends you lead to Jesus make disciples!

Married in the Middle | Brandon & Merri Bullington | Next Steps Room


Parenting is a journey that is best traveled with support. We seek to create a community of parents who are navigating the rough waters in the "middle" between young children and adulthood, known as, the teenage years. Join this group to dig deep into God’s word and support each other as you go through this challenging, rewarding, and sometimes crazy time in life. If you have a late elementary, middle, or high school student, grit your teeth, hold on, and come join the “fun.”

Ladies Bible Study Fellowship | Rooms 260, 262, 264 | Jean Conner

Central Church is pleased to host a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) women’s group beginning the second Wednesday in September and continuing for 30 weeks. BSF is an international, interdenominational ministry that offers in-depth Bible study free to people of all ages in more than 120 countries worldwide. 

While women in a BSF group study the Bible together, we go deeper in our relationship with Jesus Christ and connect with other women in conversations about things that matter. Group members personally study Scripture each day, answering questions that prompt deeper thought. On Wednesday evenings, we meet for small-group discussion of the lesson and hear from a teaching leader how the truths of the Scripture can be applied to daily life. We also have access to comprehensive lesson notes on the passage studied. 

This year’s study, People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided, unpacks a fascinating period in Israel’s history featuring good and evil kings, passionate prophets, and prophecies that shape our modern age. Here’s how People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided unfolds:  

· 1 and 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles provide the history. 

· Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah are situated where they fit into Israel’s storyline. 

· The study of Isaiah is folded into a four-week segment. 

· New to our BSF study content: Jeremiah and Lamentations!  

Join us—and more than 400,000 other BSF members around the world—for this fascinating study by registering at