Wednesday Night Small Groups

Join us on Wednesday nights.

Our Wednesday night groups meet at 6:15 PM.

Ladies Group | Laura Dameron | Room 256

How can you trust that God is good? With the Bible at our fingertips, we have a story of God’s faithfulness right in front of us to show us one example after another of who God is. In this study led by Jennie Allen, we want to walk you through some of the promises and covenants God made with his people to understand more of the story of God and the big picture of his unfailing love for us.

The Search for Significance | Mark & Jennifer Thomas | Chapel

We are all searching for significance to ourselves, to others, to our community and to our world. Discover what three million readers have already discovered: that true significance is found only in Christ.

Robert McGee's bestselling book has helped millions of readers learn how to be free to enjoy Christ's love while no longer basing their self-worth on their accomplishments or the opinions of others. In fact, Billy Graham said that it was a book that "should be read by every Christian."

What makes this book so uniquely powerful is understanding that the journey begins in a very private place—your thoughts. “When I fail at something, I feel lousy about myself. When others do not approve of me, I can’t seem to get over it. Sometimes it feels like I’ll never measure up.”

These are the universal lies that trigger the cycle of self-doubt, robbing you of joyful living. Now, you can free yourself from these self-defeating lies.

One by one, The Search for Significance confronts these lies, dismantles them, and points you to a higher truth that is the source of life’s meaning. It points you to Almighty God—the source of life itself.


Young Married and Families | Casey & Rochelle Sherman | Room 258

Young married couples have unique needs as they navigate marriage and parenting. The good news is that we are not alone. Join other couples at similar stages in life to dig into God’s Word and navigate life together.

Authentic Manhood | Paul Oppedisano | Room 225

This series is designed to inspire and equip men to pursue Authentic Manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ.

  • Timeless truths
  • A multi-generational and racially-diverse teaching team
  • Engaging round-table discussions
  • Exclusive interviews with manhood experts
  • Moving testimonies and documentaries
  • Teaching combined with a variety of creative elements
  • Approx. 30-minute sessions

Financial Peace University | Kristy Woolsey | Room 181

Featuring: Are you ready to change your family tree when it comes to finances? Through this study, Dave Ramsey will guide you through simple yet powerful principles which will help you get out of debt and manage your finances God’s way. Learn how to budget, pay off debt, invest, and more. The time to plan for your future, build a legacy, and dump debt is right now!


Growing Together | Josh and Lisa Ramos | Choir Room & Via Zoom

Do you want to grow in your walk with Jesus? Are you looking for a community or a place to get plugged in? If so, this is the group for you! Come join a group of people growing together in their walk with Jesus. This group is offered in-person and also via Zoom. Meeting ID: 839 1891 1565


How to Make Disciples | Jan Schake | Room 110

Come learn to make disciples! By the end of this 13-week class, you will have the tools to lead someone to Jesus and set them on the Solid Rock. Not only will you learn how to make disciples, but you will also learn how to help the friends you lead to Jesus make disciples!

Married in the Middle | Brandon & Merri Bullington | Room 264


Parenting is a journey that is best traveled with support. We seek to create a community of parents who are navigating the rough waters in the "middle" between young children and adulthood, known as, the teenage years. Join this group to dig deep into God’s word and support each other as you go through this challenging, rewarding, and sometimes crazy time in life. If you have a late elementary, middle, or high school student, grit your teeth, hold on, and come join the “fun.”